Today, the 2023 vintage of our most renowned and acclaimed Lambrusco, Lambrusco Concerto, hits the market.

This new vintage marks a significant milestone: 30 harvests!

The 2023 vintage of Lambrusco Concerto is a milestone that we will remember for many years to come. Who would have thought it would help us come this far?

Concerto’s story is one of redemption, where the pursuit of absolute quality challenges the stigmas that have surrounded the world of Lambrusco over the years. The greatest journalists in our industry have called it “The Renaissance of Lambrusco.”

The pioneering idea was to plant a vineyard of Lambrusco Salamino grapes in soil highly suited to this variety. The Medici family had studied and analyzed it until they defined it as morphologically perfect terrain. This, along with significant investments in cellar machinery, sparked the revolution.

Over these three decades, Concerto has grown immensely. Initially it was only sold locally, then it gradually spread throughout northern Italy, the rest of the peninsula, and finally worldwide.

Today, its bubbles are exported and distributed in over 70 countries, allowing Lambrusco Concerto to be featured on the wine lists of the world’s most prestigious restaurants.

Not only that, Lambrusco Concerto was the first Lambrusco to receive international awards such as the Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso or the International Wine Challenge.

This success is the result of courage and passion for the land and a territory. The Medici family chose to swim against the tide, to challenge those who thought Lambrusco was only a wine to produce large quantities of low-priced product, opting instead for innovation and excellence.

There are many challenges for the future: from environmental sustainability to attracting young talents, from renewing some products to launching others. What awaits us?

Certainly, many new challenges! Keep following us to stay updated.