We are ready to share a big step that we have taken and of which we are proud: Medici Ermete is officially an Equalitas certified sustainable winery!

Equalitas was born in 2015 from an initiative of Federdoc and Unione Italiana Vini, joined by CSQA Certificazioni, Valoritalia, Gambero Rosso and 3AVino a few years later. The goal is to promote the sustainability of the food and wine supply chains above all, through a vision and an approach that put together the needs of businesses, society and the market.

The first objective of Equalitas is the sharing of a unique approach to the sustainability of the wine sector based on the three social, environmental and economic pillars and the diffusion of a collective guarantee brand for the consumer.

Thanks to the resources of the shareholder structure, Equalitas collects the best consolidated and innovative best practice initiatives, to affirm a sustainable quality standard worldwide.

This Standard was developed in accordance with the 17 objectives established by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN.

2030 UN Agenda
2030 UN Agenda

Equalitas offers 3 different types of certifications:

  1. Sustainable product
  2. Sustainable organization
  3. Sustainable denomination (feasible by consortia)

Medici Ermete, found in the standard the fundamental themes of the 2030 Agenda for a global development. Those ethical, environmental and respectful objectives, shared by all parties, gave us the necessary impetus to undertake an important path: the certification as a sustainable organization.

This choice came precisely because we believe in a sustainable 360 ​​° vision. Having a sustainable product certified would not have been the same thing. It would not have given our reality the same charge and the same importance that we think the path we are pursuing should have.

The certification arrived at the end of 2021, fulfilling the Sustainability Management System defined by Equalitas and publishing our first Sustainability Report.

This new path fits perfectly within the greater commitment that the company has made with itself and with all the parties that involve it: Generation 2031. Our sustainability project is finding more and more food for thought, more and more commitments and more and more concrete steps to take forward. What will be the next?

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