Medici per il territorio

Thinking is followed by doing

Medici for the Territory is a project that brings together in a single narrative themes of agriculture, viticulture, environmental sustainability, culture, art, hospitality, tourism and innovative ideas that constitute the Medici Ermete experience.

Medici Ermete is a solid, dynamic company with a holistic 360° vision of the world. We don’t just see liquid inside the bottle, but instead we try to communicate everything that is around the world of wine.

Medici per il Territorio is therefore a laboratory for study, reflection, and reworking on the current situation and contemporary issues linked to the wine-making sector as a whole.

Our mission? Thinking is followed by doing

Our goal is therefore to raise awareness, open up discussion and promote meetings to talk about important current issues. There is space for agricultureviticulturetourism, and the economy, including analysis of market trendssocial media, or topics where wine can act as an intermediary with art and culture.

Medici per il Territorio events are organized at our Estate La Rampata which has the perfect spaces and atmospheres to convey these messages.

From thinking to doing: we therefore try to shine a light on content and concepts that will then be put into practice in the field.