With the 2020 harvest we present the first organic certified Concerto vintage.

organic lambrusco concerto

The certification comes after 3 years of conversion, for all our 5 estates, from agriculture to non-certified integrated pest management to organic agriculture.
Organic viticulture involves the cultivation of grapes without the use of chemical synthesis products such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.

Ours is an ethical choice for the respect of the territory, its inhabitants and for the protection and support of biodiversity. A choice that joins the numerous initiatives linked to our sustainability path.
And it is certainly no coincidence that the first product to be certified is our most representative wine: Lambrusco Concerto.

We truly believe that our wines are the mirror of our land. They have deep roots into our history and territory as well as innovations and the new never come from nowhere. It is from these values that the first certified organic Lambrusco Concerto is born today: the future of Lambrusco has already begun.