Our Generation 2031 sustainability campaign is our commitment to tradition and the beauty of the future.

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Sustainability, in the Medici Ermete tradition, is an important value that we cannot give up. We do not consider ourselves perfect, but we have passion and will to improve ourselves and our commitment to the planet and future generations.

We believe in sustainability as a long-term project to be handed down to our children to leave them with a better future. We want to give them a land that is more liveable than how we found it, certain that they will know how to treat it and make it flourish.

We define sustainability in three thematic areas:

  • environmental
  • ethical / social
  • economic.

Generation 2031 is our sustainability manifesto. It translates into precise and concrete objectives that we will complete in the decade 2021-2031.

Medici Ermete, in 2021, at the launch of the campaign, is already in a positive and privileged situation: the 3 generations of Medici who have followed the management of the company have always cared about the territory, nature and the people who contribute every day to make Medici Ermete what it is.

The tree in the image above is the symbol of Generation 2031. It is the metaphor to convey the essence of sustainability according to Medici Ermete: values and expertise are found in the roots of Medici Ermete, climbing upwards, with virtuous actions, we will arrive to grow a luxuriant tree, full of leaves and healthy, which is nothing more than the symbol of the company that grows, improves and invests in an ever greener future.

First step: Organic Lambrusco Concerto

In March 2021 we launched the first certified organic vintage of our most representative wine: Lambrusco Concerto.
Medici Ermete has always cultivated its almost 80 hectares of vineyards carrying on the principles of sustainable integrated pest management, but organic certification arrived in 2021.

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Second step: Medici Ermete sustainable winery Equalitas

Equalitas is a body that deals with promoting the sustainability of the agri-food supply chains and wine in the first place.
Medici Ermete, found in the Equalitas standard very dear themes for a global ethical, environmental and respectful development of all parties. This connection was the necessary impetus to undertake an important path: certification as a sustainable organization.

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We calculated our carbon footprint

with the aim of improving ourselves and handing down to future generations a territory in better condition than we received it.

… and the biodiveristy footprint!

We have worked with Chole Farming Consulting to map the biodiversity on our estates. We took into consideration 3 indices: the biodiversity of water, soil and lichens.

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