Thirty years ago, right around these days, the first harvest of Lambrusco Concerto was born.

We celebrated it in style during the opening evening of Vinitaly, with an event on the splendid terrace of Castelvecchio, attended by importers, agents, journalists, and stakeholders.

Lambrusco Concerto is a family member, a fundamental piece of our company’s history.

Its story stems from a profound need for change. In the 1980s, Lambrusco experienced a crisis due to the poor quality of products exported to major countries worldwide, primarily the USA.

The Medici Family thus decided to completely revolutionize the production philosophy of Lambrusco. With the entrance of the Fourth generation—Alberto, Pierluigi, and Alessandra—new vineyards were planted in highly suitable areas for Lambrusco grape production. Training systems were changed and yields per hectare were significantly lowered.

It was a succession of courageous choices, led by Giorgio Medici, representative of the Third generation and now President of Medici Ermete, which led to the birth of Lambrusco Concerto, crowning it as a pioneer of quality Lambrusco.

From 1993 onwards, it was a series of challenges and successes. From the first small importer in the USA to the first awards won, to significant international successes such as the Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso (Concerto was the first Lambrusco to receive them) and exports to nearly 80 countries worldwide.

Today, at its first 30 years of life, Lambrusco Concerto is still a young wine with much to offer. It received organic certification with the 2020 harvest, opening up to increasingly specialized market segments, but the challenges are far from over!

The event on the Terrace of Castelvecchio was an opportunity to thank and share some moments of serenity with those who first and more than others believed in the Lambrusco Concerto project. To them, a big thank you!

Thanks also to the entire Medici Ermete team, past and present, for their daily work and commitment to making this and all our company’s products great.

Finally, thanks to all our customers because it is only thanks to those who buy and drink Lambrusco Concerto that we can continue to dream, work, and create projects for the future!