For some years, at our wine shop in Reggio Emilia, we have been involved in the re-use of cork stoppers.

Generation 2031 has spurred us to ask ourselves more and more questions and to improve ourselves and our projects.

For a few months we have met an interesting reality along our path with which we have started a new, beautiful collaboration.

We are talking about the Artimestieri Social Cooperative which reuses caps as thermal insulation. Artimestieri is a B ONLUS social cooperative which, since 1989, has been promoting green building, attention to the environment and social solidarity, creating the possibilities for an economy of justice.

Once the corks arrive from Artimestieri, they are checked, sanitized and ground.

The granulate is used to thermally insulate houses with a breathable and healthy thermal coat. Alternatively, it is also used in sustainable clothing, bio furnishings, acoustic treatment, anti-mould paints, colored plaster, thermal screed, thermal plaster, etc.

Artimestieri has research and development laboratories that are always working to find new uses for cork. To replace plastic and other synthetic materials and build a healthier and more sustainable environment together.

Our partnership sees the Reggio Emilia Wine Shop as one of the collection points of the Cooperative on the national territory. Currently therefore, all the corks brought to our wine shop are given to Artemestieri which shares them by giving us back a sum that we donate entirely to charity.

We thought of making the life of a noble material like cork as long as possible, making sure that it continues to live both physically, through Artemestieri’s projects, and laterally, through the donation of the proceeds to a non-profit organization: Let Children Be Children.

Let Children Be Children is about building a better life for the children of remote villages of Ethiopia through sport. These are children rescued from the streets in difficult conditions, or taken away from their childhood to work in the fields and help the family earn as much as possible to feed themselves. Let Children Be Children does its utmost to safeguard childhood, the beauty of being children and to smile at life.

The projects it supports are diverse, from summer camps to “Children’s Sunday”, all aimed at supporting children.

Generation 2031 is a sustainability project in the broadest sense, which finds value in the union of the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. Artimestieri’s example with Let Children Be Children proves it and we couldn’t be happier.