Our Generation 2031 sustainability campaign takes another step forward! With its birth we had set ourselves the goal of bringing the various branches of our company on an increasingly sustainable path and today we want to tell you about and involve you in the new project that involves our Wine Shop in Reggio Emilia.

In the packaging of our products, the only element that cannot always be recycled is the cork. By checking the provisions of most of the Italian municipalities, you will find an indication to throw it in organic waste, but there are still bodies that are not able to differentiate it.

Our goal, in recent months, has been to find a reality capable of giving new life to corks to ensure that a noble product such as cork does not see the end of its days after such a short journey. On the way to this new challenge we met Greencorks.

First of all, who, or rather what, is GreenCorks?

GreenCorks is a project born from an idea of the Architecture Studio MCA & Partners with the aim of promoting sustainability by encouraging the reuse of cork.

Why did we choose to include a company like Greencorks in our Wine Shop?

The Wine Shop is one of the most important touchpoints we have with our customers in Reggio Emilia. It is located right next to the winery and for more than 11 years it has gathered an important pool of people including individuals, companies and retailers who come to visit us every day for their purchases.

The most natural way to start working on the recovery of corks was therefore to start with them, our customers at the point of sale.

How do we ask to participate?

greencork supply chain
Greenkcorks supply chain
  1. Return the corks to the Wine Shop and deposit them in the container
  2. We will deliver them to Greencorks who will quote them based on the market value of the cork
  3. Thanks to an attentive team of designers, GeenCorks will take care of their transformation and give them new life in the form of wonderful design objects.
  4. The entire proceeds from the collection will be used for the purchase of educational material for the elementary school of Taneto di Sant’Ilario, the hamlet of a municipality a few kilometers from us.

The choice to collaborate with Greencorks was optimal for us as it helped us on two fronts dear to us:

  1. Helping the environment through the recycling of corks
  2. Helping a local reality, in this case a school, to improve its community

If you are a reader who happens to be in our area, we invite you to come and visit us and leave us your stopper corks. If you read us from far away, and you have always wondered how to dispose of your corks, we invite you to do the same exercise as ours: look for how to dispose of them at the institution that deals with separate waste collection in your municipality and if they should not be recyclable among organic waste, look for a company like ours that does it for you. Each small step towards a fairer world for the environment and for people is a step forward for humanity and the planet earth. Unity is strength!