With the arrival of spring we are finally ready to reveal the new versions of all the wines in the Quercioli line.

This line is fundamental for Medici Ermete. These are 6 different wines, made with the most important Lambrusco grape varieties, and present in many countries around the world.

Studying a restyling of this type was an enormous job that lasted months: we had to study the new packaging trying to take into account different visual tastes, cultures and consumers all over the world, from the USA to Japan.

The needs that led us to this restyling were the following:

  • The label was narrow and very full. It no longer allowed us to easily communicate even the information required by law
  • The label did not highlight the name of the grape variety and the brand
  • The bottle was heavy

The result is a fresh line, with the label as the focal point of the narrative. We have lightened all the rest of the packaging by changing the bottle, eliminating the capsule and choosing sustainable paper to convey the message.

The new Quercioli line is Carbon Neutral certified, this means that the CO2 emitted for the production of each single bottle has been compensated with positive actions in order to bring the line to zero emissions!

There are still many things to say about the new Quercioli restyling, continue to follow us here and on our social networks to find out more!