Anyone who produces bottled wine knows that silicone paper is inevitable waste.

For anyone who does not work in this sector instead, what is silicone paper?

The wine labels are applied to the bottles by detaching them from silicone paper reels.

Once the product has been bottled, the silicone paper reel is a material to be disposed of. How do we deal with it?

The silicone paper cannot be disposed of in separate waste collection and therefore without special solutions we would have to throw it in mixed waste, putting an end to the life of a still noble material.

After countless searches and some reasoning about the feasibility of some solutions, we have come to know Cycle for Green. Cycle for Green is a company that takes care of recovering silicone paper reels to give them new life.

The companies that start collaborating with Cycle for Green recover and donate the rolls of silicone paper making sure that there are no other types of waste. Once a good amount of product has been collected, Cycle for Green will take care of the collection and give it new life.

This process takes place through the removal of the silicone part from the remaining part made of paper. In this way it is possible to restart the life cycle of paper and guarantee a circular economy.

Medici Ermete has decided to embrace the Cycle for Green project with a view to having an increasingly cleaner product and an increasingly transparent label. In a historical moment in which we all pay extreme attention to our purchases, read the labels and get informed, the transparency of a product also passes through aspects that may seem secondary such as the silicone paper of the label reels.

We have recently started other projects of this kind. Are you curious to know more?

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