A new collaboration arrives at Medici Ermete: the “I love Lambrusco” accessories change their look.

Our iconic shopper are now Made in Reggio Emilia and curated by One of One Studio.

Medici Ermete believes in its territory and in its products.

A few years ago we launched the “I love Lambrusco” line of accessories with the aim of creating accessories that communicate our passion for Lambrusco and that are cool, suitable for a large and international public.

We were looking for accessories that could tell our wines in a simple and immediate way. We wanted something easy to be understood in Italy, in the United States, but also in Japan. Thus was born the idea of “I love Lambrusco”.

Over the years we have taken our accessories around the world until they become iconic and worn by Hollywood stars and models.

At this point, the goal for 2023 was to upgrade and bring our shopper as close as possible to our values. We were therefore looking for a company in our area, attentive to sustainability, to the processing of materials and which had a young and dynamic imprinting.

Along the way we met the guys from One of One Studio. In a metter of two meetings the new look of shoppers was born. One of One Studio is a very young reality born in the center of Reggio Emilia. They are young people with a great desire to do things and particular attention to sustainability. The proposals that can be found in their store are based on the processing of second-hand clothing to obtain new, creative, unique and customizable pieces. The manufacturing techniques are different, but it is always about recovering second-hand pieces and giving them new life using low environmental impact techniques.

Their mission immediately seemed to us to be very focused and in line with ours, and it quickly led us to the restyling we were looking for.

What will be the next steps?

We are already studying them!