Medici Ermete


The “Tenuta Rampata” estate owned by the Medici family is located in the Lambrusco Reggiano Doc production area along the valley of the river enza, on flood lands well-suited to produce selected grapes. The building complex dates back to the 19th century and is nestled in the green of the vineyards.


Is set in one of the buildings restored from the existing 19th century complex, exhibiting tools and equipment illustrating the production cycles of the vines and wine. Our devotion to and passion for our work and history led to gather the tools of our wine growing company that has been active in this territory since the 19th century, adding pieces from Reggio Emilia’s plain.The tools displayed wew used until after the secondo world war.


Upon reservation only, within the vinegar works and the museum are possible. A multi-functional centre is available where you can enjoy tastings of our wines and local food as part of your visit.

Vinegar Works

Consisting of batteries of barrels in which traditional Reggio Emilia balsamic vinegar is produced. The secret and the skill in traditional balsamic vinegar lie in optimal ageing and refinement in batteries of wooden barrels that extends for a long time, yet never under 12 years.

A consortium of producers of Reggio Emilia traditional balsamic vinegar has been formed to protect this product and its mark balsamic vinegar is truly an elixir that brings out finest flavours of food. Its rich, refined flavour, its aromatic power and its sweet and sour inflection make it an exceptional condiment. It is delicious drizzled on strawberries, dessert and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, or added to sauces and meats during or after cooking.


The high quality level of our products is the result of the great love devoted to grapes. Over a century of history, four generations dedicated to the production of wines and traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia. This is the Medici family.