Medici Ermete


Spumante Brut Rosso Metodo Classico

Colour: ruby red with garnet lights, highly persistent fine perlage. Fine, very creamy froth.
Aroma: pleasant and sophisticated with delicate fruity notes.
Flavour: dry, intense, pleasant and delectably harmonious. A wine to be explored glass by glass.

  • 2015 - dégorgement 2018
  • 12% vol.
  • 8 - 10° C
  • Lambrusco Salamino
  • Product Anno vendemmia

    2015 - dégorgement 2018
  • Product Contenuto alcolico

    12% vol.
  • Product Temperatura di servizio

    8 - 10° C
  • Product Vitigno

    Lambrusco Salamino

Data sheet

  • Bottle: 0,75 l. fungo
  • N° of bottles produced: 2.500
  • Area of production: Reggio Emilia
  • Place: Tenuta La Rampata
  • Plant system: “Cordone Speronato”
  • Max. production per hectare: kg. 9.000/10.000
  • Soil: clayey soil
  • Fermentation: traditional bottle conditioning (30 months with yeasts).
  • Sugar: 10 g/l.
  • Total acidity: 6,00 g/l.
  • Volatile acidity: 0,35 g/l.


Emilian cuisine

Mixed boiled meats (zampone (pig’s trotter stuffed with pork meat and spices), cotechino (large boiled pork sausage), pork head meat).

Italian cuisine

Seasoned cheeses, mixed boiled meats, mixed fry Piedmont-style.

Casa Medici cuisine

Cotechino (large boiled pork sausage), lentils and mashed potatoes.

Vegetarian cuisine

Lasagne with mixed vegetable sauce.