Medici Ermete

Medici per il territorio

The upcoming “medici per il territorio” project will try to unify under a single narrative storyline the themes of agriculture, viticulture, environmental sustainability, culture, art, hospitality, tourism and innovative ideas which will form the medici ermete experience.

Medici is a solid, dynamic company that can boast a holistic 360-degree vision, which wants to talk about more than just the liquid inside the bottle, but rather it tries to tell everything there is about the wine itself through a single common thread. “medici per il territorio” has therefore been created, an initiative which immediately aims to become a laboratory of study, reflection and reworking on the current situation and contemporary issues linked to the wine growing sector as a whole.

Our mission: doing follows thinking.

The goal will therefore be to raise awareness, explain, create culture and open up debates or events to think about and discuss very important current issues linked to environmental sustainability, agriculture, viticulture, tourism, the economy with market trend analysis, social networks and marketing or more specific subjects where wine can be a topic for debate with artistic/cultural aspects such as photography, painting and writing.

Through themed events organised at the “la rampata” estate, “medici per il territorio” has set itself the goal of raising awareness, explaining, enhancing and sharing everything about wine for years to come. From thinking to doing: the project will therefore try to shine a light on content and concepts that must then be put into practice.

Events on the territory