Medici Ermete

Emilia, the land of wine

The top of the plain and the foothills of the Emilia area are particularly suitable for growing grapes, thanks to the microclimate present there, as well as the features that characterise the clayey soil. Here, the Medici Ermete wineries have two of their finest wine-growing estates:  Tenuta Rampata and Tenuta Quercioli.

The vines that go into making the DOC Reggiano and Colli di Scandiano e Canossa wines grow in the shade of castles and ancient hamlets, and the Medici Ermete wineries are located in Gaida, on the Via Emilia, just a few kilometres from the vineyards.

In perfect harmony with an area that maintains strong, solid links with its superb food and wine traditions, the Medici family takes the utmost care to ensure that only the very finest grapes are selected before being turned into first-class wine using the most modern technologies available.

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