Among the Generation 2031 objectives for 2023 and in terms of meeting the requirements of the Equalitas Standard, we have been very committed to biodiversity in recent months.

As we have already told in our article here, we have sown a plot of land (equal to 1% of our total area) as a flowery meadow. To actually understand how to proceed to protect biodiversity, we have decided to take a step back.

We have calculated the biodiversity on our vineyards.

Thanks to the guys at Chloe Farming Consulting STP we have mapped the biodiversity on all our estates, with different soils and climatic conditions.

Chloe Faming Counseling STP is a consulting company that operates in the agricultural and agri-food sector. They deal with various projects related to the sustainable development of companies in our sector. In our specific case they were the protagonists of the data collection day on biodiversity.

To calculate biodiversity, we took into consideration 3 indicators:

  • Water biodiversity index, sampling the waters of the Enza river, adjacent to our Tanuta la Rampata
  • Soil biodiversity index, sampling the soils of our estates
  • Lichen biodiversity index, sampling the presence of lichens on the tall trees of our estates

For each indicator, Chloe’s boys went in search of life, insects in the soil, particular floristic conformations in the lichens, biotic communities and chemical-physical parameters of the water.

The sampling results provided us with encouraging data. We certainly have a lot to work on in the coming years, but we have received a lot of stimuli to improve biodiversity in corporate green areas and do our part to protect the planet.

Do you want to know in which other areas we are active in the world of sustainability?