Generation 2031 is a manifesto that grows with us and lays the foundations for our path to sustainability.

Less is Better is born inside Generation 2031 as project to approach the narrative of the Medici Ermete identity. We want to bring you to know our everyday in the more honest and full way possibile: wines, processes, people, territory, estates. From the most visible aspects to the soul of the company.

Why the claim Less is Better?

  • Because we want to go back to the essence and values of our wine production, demonstrating that it can bring concrete improvements. In addition to sustainability certifications, social and environmental projects. Let’s go back to the cultivation of vineyards and wine without waste, without surpluses and frills dictated by contemporary consumerism.
  • Because we are looking for a more aware production of wine, but of higher quality.
  • Because in addition to the wine, we are also aware of the packaging in which we sell it and we are committed to making informed choices
  • Because we have an important project which we are working on behind the scenes, and which is keeping us busy with the aim to give a concrete meaning to Less is Better.

What does Less is Better translate into?

Each month we will address a theme dear to us. We will do this through video clips that we will share on our social media platforms and that will be the starting point to talk about ourselves a create a dialogue with our customers and stakeholders.

We have identified 11 topics that we want to deepen, and if the first videos might seem more distant from the concept of “Less is Better”, by continuing to follow our path, the return to the essence of Medici Ermete will emerge more and more to guarantee our reality a a thriving future, in which wine is at the center and the people and the territory that contribute to it are the reflection and the fulcrum of our product.

4th video: Sustainability

5th video: Internationality

6th video: Biodiversity

7th video: Innovation

8th video: Quality

9th video: Emilia Romagna

10th video: Digital

11th video: Holistic view