Medici Ermete is a historical company from Reggio Emilia (in Emilia Romagna), constantly committed to producing the best Lambrusco always looking ahead towards the future.

Our values and our philosophy are our beacons in the daily choices that we decide to pursue with tenacity and conviction.

We have our feet firmly on the ground, with roots proudly linked to our land: Emilia Romagna.

We have reached the 5th generation; we have lived 131 years in which we have produced high quality wines. Fresh, versatile and highly gastronomic Lambrusco. We work to satisfy the tastes of consumers by educating the palates and proposing Lambrusco intense red, rosé, ancestral method, charmat or classic that can meet the needs of our customers in Italy and in the world.

We export our wines to more than 70 countries around the world. At the beginning it was not easy (to learn more about the history of Lambrusco click here), but today Lambrusco is traveling a very uphill road in the rankings among the most popular and sold italian wines in the world. While we are among the protagonists of this screenplay, we always try to tell Lambrusco with our eyes, making sure that a 360 ° vision of our daily life shines through.

We believe in long-term sustainable and responsible development. Our best wines are produced only and exclusively with grapes from the 80 hectares owned by the company. We grow them organically, emphasizing the proximity between the producer and the vineyards, but also between the company and the final consumer.

We see sustainability as a complex concept that involves multiple levels of commitment:

  • Environmental sustainability. The care of the territory, the vineyards, the flora and fauna from which they are surrounded is a fundamental value. Our wines are the mirror of how the grapes are grown and processed; we are increasingly careful to do so by reducing our environmental impact and respecting biodiversity.

The process that brings our Lambrusco to the shelves of restaurants and wine bars certainly does not end in the vineyard. It continues in the cellar, where the grapes are processed and processed. Here we work daily to optimize logistics, make production processes efficient and make the supply chain circular, reusing waste and reducing waste in order to lower our carbon footprint as much as possible.

  • Ethical sustainability. The quality of work, the human well-being of our employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers becomes increasingly crucial. The workplace is the place where we spend most of our day and to be sure that everyone gives their best we must lay propositional bases, based on dialogue, growth and the use of everyone’s strengths to be developed in a healthy and safe environment.

  • Economic sustainability. Sustainability becomes a winning business model when it is possible for the company to invest in a green future and see its turnover, customer portfolio and possibilities grow. The challenges of the present are many, starting with the circular economy that we try to put into practice by reusing the pomace and lees for the production of organic compost for our vineyards. The opening of new markets and digital challenges are a daily commitment that we try to grasp by always renewing ourselves.

Digital is a constant challenge, which requires updating, reception speed and capacity for action. We are specializing more and more, experimenting with many aspects and deciding where to invest for the future.

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