We welcome the 2018 vintage of the Champenoise Method Rosé Brut Unique and Champenoise Method Rosso Brut Granconcerto in a whole new guise!

The wines are the ones we have learned to appreciate and love over the years, but with the release of the new vintage we have given them a new, fresher and more modern look. For those who still do not know them here it is a full presentation!

Granconcerto is a Brut Rosso Champenoise Method produced from Lambrusco Salamino grapes. We produce a few bottles and only in the best years! The grapes we use come from our Estate “La Rampata”, from the same vineyard with which we produce our Lambrusco Concerto. The wine, produced with the method of refermentation in the bottle, remains on the lees for more than 24 months before being disgorged and ending the production process. It is a real treat to try with mixed boiled meats and long-aged cheeses.

Unique is a Rosé Brut Classic Method sparkling wine produced starting from our Lambrusco Marani grapes always present in the vineyards of our “La Rampata” estate. The wine rests on the lees for 24 months in which it is refined and develops elegant and refined scents and a fine and persistent perlage. Its acidity allows it to be perfect as an aperitif, in combination with cold cuts, mixed fried foods and vegetables in batter.

And now let’s move on to the new look!

The labels depict a work by Eugenio Paterlini, a historic artist from Reggio Emilia who also curated the label of our Lambrusco Ancestral Method Phermento.

In this work the author depicts concentric circles that represent a snail in which we have reviewed the chain of bubbles found in sparkling wine and especially in Champenoise Methods.

Paterlini, in his works, always focuses on the nature and naturalness of the material, placing them at the center of his works. Its philosophy fits perfectly with ours, which sees the earth as a central element to which everything starts and which must be respected, cared for and valued.

We chose to use the same work of art for both wines because we wanted to create uniformity within the Line. We want to raise awareness that Champenoise Method Wines can also be made with Lambrusco grapes and that Lambrusco is not only a young wine to drink, but a product that, if treated in a certain way, can have a longer and profitable life.

And now that we have presented them to you … Cheers! All that remains is to taste them!