Carezza is our new Lambrusco di Sorbara Champenoise Method.

Sorbara is one of the noblest varieties of the Lambrusco family. It is a variety extremly elegant and with a great acidity. Sorbara is also poor of colorine substances in the peel (those substances that usually give that purple red color to Lambrusco), which makes the wine a transparent red very similar to rosé.

Speaking of bubbles, the Champenoise Method is the most prestigious method; is the method by which Franciacorta and Champagne are made. The productive phase that distinguishes them is the second fermentation, that is when the wine gets its bubbles and the fine perlage. This step takes place in the bottle and for Carezza it lasts over 12 months.

Carezza is the first Lambrusco di Sorbara Champenoise Method project created for large retailers. It is a product for every occasion: for a summer aperitif, a spring lunch, a complete winter dinner up to a party with friends. Carezza is a versatile wine. It goes perfectly with a plate of cold cuts, Emilian cuisine but also with fish dishes. A raw salmon, a shrimp salad, a sea spaghetti as well as a fried squid and vegetables can perfectly match.

At the moment there are no Champenoise Lambrusco-based methods in large retailers. That’s why we are inserted in this empty window, we want to fill a gap to bring the Champenoise Method from Lambrusco grapes on the tables of most. To make it known, appreciated and clear customs the idea that the Champenoise Method is not only Franciacorta, Champagne and Trento DOC.

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