Vinibuoni d’Italia is the TouringClub Italiano’s guide that each year reviews italian wines produced from native vine.

80 wine-tasters divided in 12 commissions select the wine. Those who arrives at the final will have the biggest awards and glory. This last segment of the tasting process is public and open to mass media.

ViniBuoni d’Italia is the first italian case in which a guide tries to be the most transparent as they can.

This year we are very proud that one of our wines got the 4 stars and was insert in the Wines not to miss!

It is the Lambrusco Reggiano DOC dry “Concerto”, our special star that got the highest valutation for its pleasantness, corrispondence with its vine variety and balance.

Thank you to each wine-taster from ViniBuoni d’Italia from us!