The Wine Hunter awards our Lambruscos with great scores!

Helmuth Koecher, president and founder of Merano WineFestival and The WineHunter, matures in a family whose roots are reinforced within the art of food and wine. In that context he learns the importance of quality and raw materials. He starts to look for excellence in each form.

Helmuth Köcher has always made it clear that the goal of this constant and tireless hunt is the discovery of excellence; that extra quality that distinguishes things and makes them unique over time.

Excellence is an attitude becomes the objective of a constant and tireless hunt that makes him recognize things and makes them unique over time.

That is The WineHunter: research, discovery, sharing of excellences brought through the offspring of the perfect union between past and future.

Each year the contest evaluate over 5,000 Italian and foreign labels to assign them the awards. We are very proud to announce that 3 of our Lambruscos got The WineHunter Award:

Moreover, this weekend we are in Rome for the Anteprima of the Merano Wine Festival.