Medici Ermete


News 🕔novembre 20, 2015

Generally speaking, 2015 vintage, in the area where our vineyards are located, was characterized by a very hot summer, with temperatures near or higher than 40 °C between July and August.
Winter had standard temperatures and high rainfall, essential for the production of a water reserve in the subsoil, followed by a mild spring with the growing of sprouts and therefore an early blooming.
Then, as already anticipate, summer was hot and droughty, actually for Reggio Emilia area was one of the hottest summer in this century.
These conditions managed to prevent the main diseases for the vines, for this reason the grape has remained healthy until the harvest. On the other hand we had to compensate for the water stress with support irrigation.
The harvest began on 28th of August with Malvasia, for the red grapes we started on September 2nd with Ancellotta and on 10th  with the  Lambrusco grapes. The harvest was completed on the 8th  of October.
A good weather in September allowed to keep harvesting without any interruption as ideally planned.
In terms of quantity, there was a 10% general increase in production, both for Lambrusco and Ancellotta, in relation to the 2014 harvest (which has been on average an year with a significant low production, therefore we are now back to the normal production level).
The quality of grapes was good, with a slightly decrease of acidity, compared to the previous year. We can estimate to produce wine (in particular for Lambrusco) with a good aromatic intensity, structure and alcoholic content.
In the province of Reggio Emilia, and throughout the area of Lambrusco, conditions were similar. In general, there is an estimated 7-8% increase for Lambrusco and a 4-5% decrease for Ancellotta compared with the 2014 harvest.